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How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in the Fall?

Home-SecurityHow to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in the Fall?

Fall provides pleasant festivities, plenty of pumpkin pie, and spectacular leaf colours. It also has downsides, one of which being stink bugs.

What exactly are stink bugs?
Stink bugs are around eight inches long, brown or green in colour, and formed like a shield. Their name comes from the horrible stench they emit once they are threatened or crushed. They are often seen in large numbers around the end of September and early October.

If you don’t deal with stink bugs, they may swiftly infest your house in large numbers. They come inside homes in the autumn searching for a warm haven to hang out when the weather cools. They are often seen hanging in clusters on exterior walls or burrowed in cracks and crevices in and around the house.
A multipronged effort is required to keep stink bugs at bay, if not completely eradicate them from your home. To combat the stinkers, different elimination strategies must be used.

Here are eight methods for getting rid of stink bugs in your house.

  1. Protect entrance points
    Stink bugs often enter homes via cracks, ventilation holes, and the undersides of doors, among other places. Cover any entrances and seal any cracks to prevent them from entering your property.

Cover windows, doors, chimneys, and air vents with mesh screens. Seal any cracks in your house using silicone caulk. Door sweeps will also be useful in preventing them from creeping beneath them.

  1. Turn off exterior lighting
    Light is another characteristic that attracts stink bugs and other bothersome insects. When night falls, they will flock to your porch lights, security lights, and even gather around your windows or under the doors if light is visible.

You can keep stink bugs at bay by lowering your outside lights and only utilising them when necessary. Motion sensor lights are ideal for this purpose since they eliminate the need to leave your outside lights on all night.

Seal up the areas beneath doors and adequately cover your windows with curtains to prevent light from seeping out and attracting pests.

  1. Fight back with some pleasant odours.
    While stink bugs rapidly expel their noxious stench when squished or scared, they despise strong, pleasant odours. Essential oils such as lemon, lavender, and peppermint are wonderful examples. To repel stink bugs, use these sweet-smelling essential oils around your door and window frames on a regular basis.

Another excellent tip is to use dryer sheets. You won’t notice stink bugs if you rub dryer sheets over any areas where they come through. This procedure has the added benefit of making your house smell nice while keeping the stinkers at bay.

  1. Maintain your lawn
    Any pest control professional will tell you that an unkempt yard with damp spots and a lot of rubbish and weeds will attract a lot of pests. Stink bugs are commonly drawn to wet areas, weeds, overgrown grass, and heaps of untidy wood while they are outdoors.

To reduce stink bug infestations and keep other pests at bay around your house;

Remove any standing water and brush away any dead leaves.
Stack wood stacks as far away from the house as possible on stilts.
Clear away any trash and ensure sure your rubbish can has a secure cover.
To prevent stink bugs, place pots of pungent scented herbs or flowers, such as lavender and peppermint, at doors or on window sills.

  1. Fight stink bugs alongside other bugs.
    Samurai wasps are very harmful to stink bugs, as seen below. Having a swarm of these insects about your house can deter stink bugs from approaching.

Because stink bugs congregate at the tops of house walls, a wasp nest there will keep them at bay. Plant wildflowers around your house to attract wasps.

  1. Vacuum them up
    You can do all of the above and still have stink bugs in your house. The first thing to remember is not to crush them. They will only emit their trademark unpleasant odour, leaving you and your house stinking.

Instead, take out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum them up. Use a vacuum with a changeable bag so you can toss it away with them when you’re through. They will only stink it up if you use a standard vacuum cleaner without a bag, and it will take a long time for the stench to go away.

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