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Submit Guest Post nicejunehomewares.com allows authors who have in-depth expertise on any of these topics—home security, kitchen, garden, or home—to submit their articles for evaluation and publishing. Articles may be submitted for consideration on the website. However, some requirements must be met before you may post as a guest on this site.

An article that was written by a guest blogger or a freelance writer and provided to us will be disregarded and deleted for any of the following reasons:

1. If you do not own the content that you have given to us in its original form.

2. You have emailed us a piece of writing that has already been published elsewhere.

3. If your essay is written offensively, gives the impression that you are a racist, and has nothing to do with the subject matter that we specialize in.

4. We will give priority consideration to original pieces that are at least 500 words in length.

5. If we find out that you have replicated a topic that has previously been published elsewhere or on our platform, we will take appropriate action. We are big fans of individualized titles.

6. If there are several typos and other issues in the grammar (misspelling, misuse of tenses, incorrect use of verbs. etc).   

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